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The German Church in Charlotte: About us.

Finding a Piece of Home Away From Home! Life abroad means change. Your family is now immersed in a different culture, a new lifestyle with unknown people who slowly become confidants and friends. During the first period immediately after arrival, you and your family are busy with orientation in your new surroundings, organizing your new daily life. However, there are moments when all the new demands and impressions can literally be too much for a family.

While one spouse is usually employed and therefore has immediate social contacts and a new life at work, the non-working spouse remains alone at home. If children are involved in the expatriate experience, the adventure of a foreign assignment with all its associated life changes can quickly overwhelm any family. These are the moments during which new families lack a partner providing advice and assistance. During these moments, German-speaking expatriates may wonder who is there for them, lending a helping hand and who will actually listen and understand what this entirely new life situation really entails and means. In this context many German expatriate families ask themselves, what actually connects Germans living abroad and what it really means to live in a foreign country and culture. In such moments it would be nice if a newcomer family knew if a communication and meeting point existed in Charlotte where people speak the same language, hail from the same cultural background, have similar roots and possess answers to the recurring questions arising from these new life circumstances.

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You can find such a vibrant German community, where all are welcomed, in the German Church in Charlotte. Our community harbors people who have mastered similar life situations - where you can meet openly and without obligation and reservation. Providing a platform for exchanging views and information for Germans living in Charlotte is a central theme of the German Church in Charlotte. We offer the possibility of finding a new community and a piece of home away from home. Our community is the home of saints and sinners alike, and thus we especially invite those Germans who have grown apart from the church in Germany for whatever reason. The German Church in Charlotte offers all Germans and German-speakers a new focal point as a living, intellectual and spiritual habitat. We cordially invite you to join our community! 

Although the German Church in Charlotte is an Evangelical Lutheran congregation by its charter, our members come from very different and diverse religious backgrounds. This demonstrates our central tenet of an open and accepting church community, rather than being exclusive, denominationally rigid and dogmatic. Of course, any such habitat lives and benefits from the conceptual and material care of all its members. The aim of this circular is to inform not only about the varied services of the German Church in Charlotte, but also to encourage the at-large German community in Charlotte to actively participate in the life, growth and prosperity of this unique habitat, either through active presence or financial support.

The aim is to inform not only about the varied services of the German Church in Charlotte, but also to encourage the at-large German community in Charlotte to actively participate in the life, growth and prosperity of the unique habitat of the German Church in Charlotte, either through active presence or financial support. Unlike in Germany, we are not sustained through a church tax, but exclusively through voluntary contributions and donations. We are therefore asking you to consider a financial pledge to support the varied functions of the German Church in Charlotte. Please consider this important act of direct support in favor of the German Church in Charlotte.  Your pledge makes a great statement about your positive intent to actively contribute to the life and growth of our community!  

ur congregation, the German Church in Charlotte,  are financed differently. We do not receive church taxes like in Germany but we are financed solely through membership subscriptions and donations. So one is only considered a member if one contributes regularly. Members receive the newsletter. They can vote at the annual general meeting and can thereby actively determine and contribute to the life of the congregation.

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