German Church in Charlotte



Our congregation, the German Church in Charlotte,  are financed differently. We do not receive church taxes like in Germany but we are financed solely through membership subscriptions and donations.

There are no fixed membership subscriptions, but because of the drastically reduced contributions we consider the following guidelines as appropriate: the monthly contribution should be about 1.8 - 5% of the amount that a household has at its disposal after subtracting all taxes. For example, if a household has $1,000 per month at its disposal, the monthly contribution to our congregation should be between $18 and $50.

We do also want to emphasise that despite the changed financially circumstances of our congregations the following aspects remain very important:

Your subscription to the congregation does remain voluntary. Our suggestions are guidelines because of the different financial situation of our congregations.

New ideas and voluntary work for the congregation are as important as financial support of it. Everybody is needed, valued and can help in whatever way they feel it appropriate and possible.

You decide how and when you pay your subscription weekly, monthly or annually, by direct debit, with a cheque or online (only press the button and follow the instructions).


We believe that God has blessed us with everything we have, beginning with our life through everything that we call ours. Everything is a blessing from God because he owns everything that exists on earth (Psalm 24:1).  

Thank you for your consideration. May God bless each giver and each gift.